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Jollein felt nappy bag

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AppleCheeks nappy system


We have brought in AppleCheeks to our little shop!
AppleCheeks is a Canadian brand of reusable nappies designed by Illana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu - two ladies who used their own personal experience of using nappies and also their customers. 

To help protect our planet, you will need:

Muslinz wet wipes

AppleCheeks mini storage sack and a tupperware container.

Wet your wipes with water and wring out. Store them in a container at home and in the storage sack whilst out and about. Wash with nappies.


15 AppleCheeks covers and at least 15 bamboo inners.

AppleCheeks liners

AppleCheeks storage sack.

Lidded bin or hanging wet bag

Violets washing powder or liquid

Violets santiser or bleach

Violets fabric conditioner

Pop the inner inside the nappy and place a liner on top and adjust to the best fit. After use, pop the liner in the bin and store the used nappy in either a bin or hanging wet bag until washing.

Wash every 1-3 days depending on washing facilities/amount of nappies available to use. No need to unstuff nappies as the inner will fall out.  Cold rinse and then full wash at 40 degrees using the Violets washing detergents. Using a full amount per the load size.

Hang outside to dry or on an airer indoors. Do not tumble dry!