Buzzcloth reusable food wrap

Buzzcloth reusable food wrap

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We have this fab new alternative to disposable cling film in the shop!

Buzzcloth is the brain child of mum of four, Yolanda Drewell. As a small local UK family business, we feel this is the right brand for us to support.

Buzzcloth replaces land-filling, carbon-making sandwich bags, clingfilm, foil and wax paper.

Made in the UK from all natural organic cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil, Buzzcloth is a reusable, washable, non toxic, scrunchable beeswax wrap that seals around food with a quick hand-hug, The ingredients work together to keep air out and moisture in.

Use between 3 months and a year. Wash with cold water, mild soap and a soft cloth for durability. Once it has worn out, pop on the compost heap!

If you accidently heat or pop your Buzzcloth in the dishwasher, it will reduce the life span,

Buzzcloth has a very slight scent which disappears after a few washes unlike some on the market.

Avoid directly wrapping foods with a very strong scent such as blue cheese, onion and very acidic fruit, pop them in a bowl and wrap. 

It is best to avoid wrapping raw meat.

Buzzcloth is not susceptible to staining but it may happen, To prevent staining, avoid contact with overly greasy or oily food or if unavoidable, wash as soon as possible with warm water and mild soap.


We sell Buzzcloth in three sets:

Mini medley - 1 x small, 1 x medium

Big mama - 1 x large

Trio - 1 x small, 1 x medium, 1 x large

Small = 20x18cm, medium = 32x26cm, large = 45x37cm All pieces can be wonky as are handcut, these are approx sizes.

The small is perfect for closing off vegetables and fruit, making little sack pods for raisins or grapes. The medium is great for sandwiches, sealing bowls and closing off larger vegetables. For the large needs, there is the big mama! This is ideal for small loaves of bread, larger cheeses or multiple sandwiches.



Check out this fab review from blogger, My mummy reviews!

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